April 23, 2021

If you’ve been following us on our social media accounts, you probably noticed some of our content geared towards Pure Life Carbon vs Biochar. There’s a good reason for this! We want to highlight how our products are breaking ground in the agricultural and horticultural industries, but we don’t want you to just take our word for it. We want you to know the facts about how we stack up to other growing mediums, and see how our products really are helping to create a greener tomorrow. Our priorities are two-pronged with helping our clients get the best yield possible from our products, as well as knowing they’re part of a green revolution with a soil supplement that is working for both you and the environment.  

So, to summarize our weekly content, here is the official breakdown of our Absolute and Charged Carbon products compared to Biochar.  

Reduce, replant, recycle! 

Perhaps the most important point to know about our sustainable powerhouse products is the fact that they’re reusable, no matter the extent of their initial use. Most modern growing mediums are not, resulting in massive amounts of horticultural waste, and, you guessed it, Biochar is one of them.  

This is due to its foundational structural weakness. It’s created through a burning process of other horticultural waste like dead plants, wood, and other matter. Biochar is traditionally a by-product of waste and not specifically designed for a grow media.  

Our products are made through an innovative, controlled process that creates a sturdy enough material that it can be retreated for further use as well as a standalone grow media. There is a limited number of times it can be retreated, but once it’s no longer suitable for indoor food production practices. Practices (end of life), it will be repurposed for home garden, large scale turf management sequestering carbon into the soil where it belongs. 

We know it can be difficult to transition from an old way of doing things, but the sustainability of our products just can’t be beat, and can revolutionize the sustainability of your farming practices.  

Stress-free snacking 

You’ve perhaps heard you can add Biochar to livestock feed too, but you would also know then that you need to be careful with it. Due to the phytotoxins produced in the burning process, it can be unsafe for both plants and animals, and their production process isn’t refined enough to guarantee non-toxicity with every batch. Thanks to our refined and consistent production process, this isn’t the case for our products! No matter the concentration of our products, they are certified to be 100% safe for all of your furry and leafy friends. Using our growing medium for some home growing? No need to worry about that nosey whiskers getting into to trouble digging through your garden or potted plants.  

The “IT” factor 

And by “IT” we of course mean Innovative Technology! We have everything with our products down to a science from the production process to the individual certification of every single batch we create, to the consistency in the performance of our grow mediums. Biochar has a legacy process that has been around for thousands of years, but our process is brand new, innovative, and proven to produce leading contenders for indoor growing media.  

The truth is you won’t find another product that out performs ours. The carbon industry has spent millions trying to figure out what we have patented. Using our products to help your growing practices is a lifelong commitment to better sustainability and better yields. One tonne of our products can replace current and future uses of other mass-produced unsustainable growing mediums. 

Our list of benefits doesn’t end here. Our products are also natural pest and algae mitigators, water and nutrient super containers, and lots more. We just can’t put it all in one post! So follow us for more of our content to learn more about who we are, what our products can do for you, and how we’re helping the agricultural and horticultural worlds commit to a greener tomorrow. 

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