Our products act like a battery, storing water, nutrients, air, and probiotics that power plant growth.

  • They also capture and store pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, and other contaminants.
  • Acting as a natural algicide and pest deterrent, our products help plants grown in them focus on growth rather than environmental defense.

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Pure Life products are better

  • Variety of pore structures facilitate a wide range of solutions
  • Consistency
  • Storage capacity
  • Made from renewable, sustainable feedstock
  • >85% fixed carbon

Our premium products

Products Group

Absolute Carbon™

Available in 1 to 7 mm

Absolute Carbon’s uniquely high-carbon content offers a built-in algicide and filters out contaminants—including bacteria, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.
Products 1-3

Charged Carbon™

Available in 1 to 7 mm

Charged Carbon growing media is enhanced with phosphorus, which helps regulate protein synthesis and encourages cell division and new tissue development.