Pure Life Carbon products increase yield, reduce cultivation risk, and ensure crop consistency. They act like a battery, storing water, nutrients, air, and probiotics that power plant growth.

Pure Life’s advanced carbon-based grow medium and filtration products are formulated from a unique, newly developed biocarbon material known as Hortichar.

Advanced Carbon is a form of biocarbon that’s created when organic materials are heated in the absence of oxygen to temperatures of 500-600°C, a process known as pyrolysis. Advanced Carbon contains high levels of organic carbon and enriches soils by storing and slowly releasing the water and nutrients that help plants grow. It also acts like a sponge, removing contaminants that can prevent strong and healthy plant growth. Absolute Carbon and Charged Carbon are dramatically more efficient and environmentally responsible than existing technologies, improving modern farming outputs while protecting the earth.

Absolute Carbon™

Absolute Carbon’s uniquely high-carbon content offers a built-in algicide and filters out many contaminants. Absolute Carbon is extremely hard, won’t break down, and improves with use and age.


  • Eco-friendly: organic, reusable, sustainable and non-toxic
  • Horticulture grade: encourages more nutritious produce and higher yield
  • Produces more attractive foliage and brighter blossoms
  • Reduces risk of disease and pests
  • Retains nutrients and water while aerating soil
  • Longevity: last’s >2000 years without breaking down
  • >85% fixed organic carbon
  • Superior carbon sequestration
  • Mitigates algae and fungus gnats
  • Negatively charged: pulls in significant amounts of nutrients, water, etc. (Cation Exchange Capacity)
  • Pore structure encourages beneficial microbe colonization
  • Reduces nutrient runoff to lakes, rivers, streams
  • Increases soil pH
  • Improves soil structure
  • Higher ability to capture & imprison volatile organic compounds (VOC) than other materials
  • Eliminates tip burn caused by fluoride
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Lightweight
  • Pet safe
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Absolute Carbon™

Available in 1-3mm

Absolute Carbon is used as a soil amendment, peat replacement, filtration additive, and as a raw material to create PLC’s flagship product, Charged Carbon.

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Charged Carbon™

Charged Carbon is the world’s first Carbon Negative, Zero Waste growing media. Charged Carbon is enhanced with phosphorus, which helps regulate protein synthesis and encourages cell division and new tissue development. Charged Carbon brings you all the features of Absolute Carbon, plus:
  • Each batch of material comes with a Certificate of Analysis and is 3rd party lab certified to not only pass but significantly exceed regulations for contaminants
  • Ready for use within hours, not days or weeks
  • pH adjusted for immediate growing applications
  • Can be used as a soilless growing media
  • Replacement for Peat and Coco Coir mixes, stone wool and other synthetic materials
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Charged Carbon

Available in 1-3mm and 5-7mm

Charged Carbon is an industry leading advanced stand alone soilless growing medium for indoor horticultural production. Unlike other carbon-based mediums, it is used all on its own, and is not mixed with other products.

Safety Data Sheet

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