DUBAI, UAE December 1, 2023. Mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, food security and sustainable farming practices all compete for airtime during conferences; Pure Life Carbon is at the apex of these convergent issues.
As the world descends onto Dubai, UAE this week for COP28, Pure Life Carbon (PLC) will be part of the mix making headlines. Ryan Rand, CEO is leading the PLC team of three – within a greater Alberta presence known as “Team Alberta”, although there is a limited number of agricultural companies participating. “We are happy to be going to Dubai to represent the interests of greenhouse growers and a struggling sector but felt it important enough to participate in the world’s largest climate action summit”, says Rand. “And further yet, PLC is front and center to the solution for improving food production while reducing the carbon footprint for growers”. As the UN attempts to deliver on its 17 sustainability goals, PLC is able to address many of them, at once.

Unique to COP28, the World Farmers Organization is showcasing a documentary series called “The Future of Food” which also highlights PLC and some of the growers using Charged CarbonTM. From the WFO Press release of November 30, 2023:

“In an era marked by global crises in food costs and production, climate change, economic challenges, government inaction, and the ineffective distribution of subsidies, the farming sector faces unprecedented challenges. A third of the world’s food supply stands at risk of disappearing because of climate change. The urgency is clear, and farming is emerging as a vital part of the solution. That must be fully recognized and seriously considered to advance healthily and sustainably in years to come.

“The Future of Food” delves deep into the heart of these issues, introducing us to the dedicated farmers behind the fresh, safe, and nutritious food on our plates, and showcasing how they are transitioning toward more sustainable and nature-positive agricultural practices.
In a statement from the World Farmers’ Organisation, President Arnold Puech d’Alissac said, ” As farmers, we play a crucial role in the fight against climate change while ensuring food security. Our solutions on the ground are diverse as we are diverse. Yet, amidst our geographical distances and diversity, we share the hope to build a brighter future for our families, communities, people, and planet. But success is a multistakeholder effort. ‘The Future of Food’ highlights the importance of collaboration between farmers and stakeholders to develop innovative practices and advance sustainable agriculture solutions. This series is an opportunity for the world to understand the challenges we face and the solutions we offer.”
The link to the World Farmer’s Organization docuseries clip is attached.

In addition to this presence, Ryan Rand is taking the stage with an illustrious panel on climate-smart ag experts at (Climate-Smart Agriculture for Food Security in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia – World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit ( After launching PLC at the Indoor AgTech Conference in NYC this past June, it seemed fitting to participate in Dubai as a follow-up. “Given our expanding client base in the GCC, this is but the trifecta to an already incredible week” says Brad Fournier, Director of Business Development. “Our carbon substrate is helping growers address food security in the region while maintaining the commitment of the region to achieve net-zero standards”. Jim Hole, Director of Product Science completes the team’s presence, meeting with new clients and growers and discussing the virtues of growing fruits and vegetables in Charged CarbonTM. Another busy week for the team, making a huge impact on the global stage.

Pure Life Carbon is a private Canadian clean AgTech firm that has developed the first re-usable, carbon-sequestering, soilless growing medium for the controlled environment agriculture market. The products utilize Advanced Carbon technology to solve problems for growers that were unsolvable in the past. Pure Life Carbon is among a high-performing group of global innovators and visionaries working to feed the populations of tomorrow while healing the environment. For more information on this and other products from PLC, visit

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