The success of this fundraise has launched exciting new developments for the company, resulting in international interest and engagement.


December 8, 2021

RED DEER, AB: Pure Life Carbon Inc., an advanced carbon growing medium production company, has recently completed a successful fundraise of $13 million, laying a strong foundation for significant company developments and expansion.

The funds have allowed the company to start building out their first 40,000 sq ft production facility in Red Deer, Alberta, enabling it to start manufacturing for commercial distribution. This funding has also created opportunities for the company to explore expansion into eastern Canada. This pivotal development comes at a time where the company’s need for expansion is being driven by growing demand for its products.

“Having so many other companies recognize the benefits our products add to their sustainability practices while increasing their yields, is extremely encouraging,” said Fred Munn, VP Stakeholder Relations. “We are really excited by the success of our funding efforts and look forward to our expansion as we launch the next round.”

Pure Life Carbon has developed sterile growing medium products which offer sustainable, reusable solutions to products currently on the market. Using advanced carbon technology, the company developed these innovative technologies with the intention to reduce agricultural and horticultural waste, while increasing yields and reducing labour costs. The hardy carbon shells making up the medium are water and nutrient super vessels that can be repurposed for numerous growth cycles, creating a consistently reliable and reusable product with zero waste for the landfill.

An increasing number of growers in both Canada and the United States looking for a more sustainable solution and have been adapting these products into their operations, reporting great success. Trials have also been underway with golf courses in both Canada and the United States who are experiencing encouraging results. The success of this first round of funding is helping to launch the company onto the world stage with its disruptive products to help feed future generations, while ensuring a greener tomorrow.

“We are hopeful and eager to expand our reach across North America and globally,” said Ryan Rand, CEO at Pure Life Carbon. “We are passionate about the food security needs our company can fulfill for markets and populations globally, and we look forward to our continued and exciting growth.”

Pure Life Carbon is a Canadian growing medium production company focusing on providing renewable and sustainable solutions that meet the world’s growing need for agricultural advancements and productivity. Our products utilize advanced carbon technology to provide a hardy, nutrient-dense and reusable product for growers across industries who are looking for better yields with lower labour involved. We are among a high-performing group of global innovators and visionaries working to feed the populations of tomorrow.

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