Our Mission

Our mission is to create clean technologies that protect and heal the environment while enhancing food production and yields.

Core Values

Freedom Together

We embrace freedom through self-expression, creativity, personal choice, happiness, and love. By upholding and empowering these values we move forward, together, with a united purpose of a healthy planet that supports global food security for all.

Trust & Honesty

Trust and honesty are built and maintained through the integrity of our communications, actions, commitments to ourselves and others.

Leadership & Impact Through Action

To transform, create, and challenge existing practices and technologies for the betterment of the business, community, environment, and humanity. To always lead by example and deploy a consistent work ethic, focus on learning, discipline, growth, and progress.

Pure Life Carbon provides the world’s most advanced carbon-based agriculture products. We are a Clean-Tech manufacturing company with a focus on the environment and food security.

Our Why

Opportunities to define new market segments

Large addressable market

Outperforms legacy products

Environmentally and socially responsible

Five years ago, the founders got together with the vision to develop technologies that would ensure future food security for their own families, communities, and humanity. They quickly realized that if they wanted to make a noticeable impact, they would have to play bigger and tackle an equally large challenge, climate change.

– The Founding Partners


A transparent approach to our science, management, and auditing allows for streamlined integration of our clean technologies into the agricultural industry. Building and maintaining trust with industry partners, governments, and our clients enable us to effect transformation in the environments and communities we serve.

Company History

PLC’s Advanced Carbons have over a decade’s worth of academic and private discoveries, trials, and advancements behind them.

Our highly skilled team, timing, technologies, and vision have solidified Pure Life Carbon’s position as a global leader and innovator in the Clean-Tech and Agriculture industries.