Our process

Pure Life Carbon has developed the world’s first standalone, soilless grow medium from a biocarbon base. Known as hortichar, this new material was co-developed at Lethbridge College and by the founders of Pure Life Carbon. Our patent pending process has resulted in a new range of horticultural substrates that not only increase crop yields, but also reduce the impact of agriculture on global warming and environmental pollution.

Why our products are superior to biochar:

  • * A slow and continuous burn creates the highest level of consistency.
  • * Our strict quality assurance screening tests every batch for imperfections, contaminants, and carbon content.
  • * Our patented process cleans, adjusts, and enhances the product for various applications, including soil augmentation and growing media.
  • * Ours is the only process that produces a material suitable as a standalone, horticultural grade grow medium.
  • * Our products are much harder and more durable than biochar, and can be reused or repurposed multiple times, making it a Zero Waste product.

Use cases

Compost additive

As a compost additive, Absolute Carbon can provide a multitude of benefits to cultivators and household growers alike.

Drinking water

Absolute Carbon can help provide a cost-efficient and sustainable solution for providing communities with clean water.


Simple, eco-friendly and cost-effective, Absolute Carbon is an effective new solution for treating wastewater.

  • Reduce the length of composting process and enhance the value/quality of compost
  • Enhance aeration
  • Enhance sorption of available C compounds
  • Offer highest microbe surface area available
  • Accelerate organic matter degradation
  • Enhance nitrogen mineralization without increasing gas emissions
  • Lower ammonia, nitrous oxide and methane emissions (with application at 10-30%)
  • Immobilize heavy metals
  • Functions as both a micro-solid filter and biological filter
  • Can filter e.coli
  • Absorbs organic compounds (e.g., such as herbicides, pesticides and pharmaceuticals)
  • Much more cost-effective than activated carbon
  • Immobilizes organic and non-organic pollutants in contaminated water 
  • Removes inorganic contaminants (metals), and organic contaminants that can affect taste and odor
  • Functions as both a micro-solid filter and a biological filter
  • Applicable as sorbent in sewage treatment and filtration plants
  • Immobilizes organic and non-organic pollutants in contaminated water 
  • Negatively loaded with anions (e.g., as hydroxyl and carboxyl groups), functions as a cation-exchanger, pulling in nutrients and water
  • Classical graphite structure enables connection with neighboring atoms or with atoms from foreign molecules, which increases stability and absorbency
  • Absorbs organic compounds (e.g., such as herbicides, pesticides and pharmaceuticals)
  • Much more cost-effective than activated carbon
  • Removes endocrine-disrupting chemicals from reclaimed water better than activated carbon

Soil augmentation

Pure Life Carbon Products, being 100% eco-friendly, sustainable and reusable, represent an evolution of soil additives. These will enrich and amend soil, in addition to many other benefits.

Fish farm filtration

Absolute Carbon is used in highly efficient indoor recirculating aquaculture facilities to purify solids down to 0.1 microns and to handle ammonia conversion.

Growing media

pH balanced and inoculated with premium nutrients and probiotics, Charged Carbon, SuperCharged Carbon and Carbon X leverage the power of nature to bring you the world’s best soilless growing media.

  • Improve soil health and structure
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Store nutrients and water
  • Develop diverse microbials
  • Sequester carbon
  • Attract and retain positively charged cations and anions (e.g. nutrients)
  • Increase soil fertility 
  • Balances acidic soils
  • Increase production
  • Protect against foliar- and root-borne diseases
  • Reduce soil emission of greenhouse gases
  • Reduce irrigation and fertilizer requirements
  • Reduce runoff and evaporation of applied fertilizer
  • Bind readily with organic molecules
  • Immobilizes phytotoxic compounds,  pesticides with high affinity for organic chemicals(e.g., herbicides)
  • 250-300m2 /g of surface area for microbes to thrive
  • Functions as both a micro-solid filter and a biological filter
  • Absorbs organic compounds
  • Exceeds all known commercially available biofiltration industry standards
  • Can capture 99% of solids down to 0.1 microns
  • Vigorous rooting, establishes highly efficient fine root structures
  • Optimizes growth rate
  • Prevents root-borne disease and root rot
  • Eliminates gnats and algae
  • Free of Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Herbicides, and other contaminants
  • Absorbs common contaminants, purifying the environment surrounding the plant
  • Improves crop consistency
  • Minimizes handling
  • Reduced cultivation risk
  • Reusable and Recyclable

Eutrophication & nutrient leaching

Absolute Carbon helps keep nutrients where they belong: in the soil and not in lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. When too many nutrients find their way into a lake or other body of water—frequently due to runoff from the land—dense algae growth can occur (a process called eutrophication). That algae depletes the water’s oxygen, which can kill fish and other aquatic creatures. Absolute Carbon can help.


Absolute Carbon is a powerful filtration material, functioning as both a biological filter and a solids filter. Its use in closed- loop growing systems can greatly improve growth rate and yield. Processing waste water or drinking water through Absolute Carbon polishes solids, improves taste, and removes environmental and synthetic contaminants.

Soil remediation

Pure Life Carbon products correct and improve soil quality by decreasing the bioavailability of toxins and hydrocarbons to new plants.

  • Superior nutrient- and water-holding capacity
  • Enhances soil quality
  • Applying a Pure Life Carbon biochar product to agricultural soil increases nutrient bioavailability and decreases nutrient leaching from soil. It will also:
  • Enhances the soil’s water-holding capacity and reduce the total volume of leachate
  • Changes soil pH, leading to direct absorption of NH4+ (ammonium) and NO3- (nitrate)

As a filtration technology, Absolute Carbon offers these benefits:

  • Scientifically proven to provide a 25% increase in growth rate of lettuce when used as a nutrient filter in hydroponics and aquaponics systems
  • Improves oxygen supply by preventing accumulation of sludge in the root zone
  • Filters 250-300m2 /g of Absolute Carbon
  • Increases buffering capacity
  • Exceeds all known commercially available biofiltration industry standards
  • Create a system to keep toxic metals and hydrocarbons away from new plants
  • Break the hydrocarbons down over time
  • Like a magnet, retains heavy metals and stores them in its unique pore structure
  • Breaks down overtreatment of herbicide and pesticide, returning fertility to soil

The difference is in the pore network

Pores of different sizes provide a wide range of benefits, as follows:

MACRO >75 microns

Macro-porosity provides filtration of larger particle sizes.

MESO >40 microns

Meso-porosity provides high air-holding capacity, preventing anaerobic zones.

MICRO 1 – 40 microns

Micro-porosity encourages the production and colonization of beneficial microbes.

Nano-porosity provides high nutrient and water-holding capacity, and allows storage of chemicals, pharmaceuticals and metals.


Pure Life Carbon products can radically improve outcomes in a wide variety of industries, including:

→ Agriculture

→ Animal husbandry
→ Aquaponics
→ Aquaculture
→ Cannabis
→ Horticulture
→ Hydroponics & Aeroponics
→ Landscaping
→ Pets
→ Water treatment