Company Divisions & Activities

Pure Life Carbon has three divisions, each with an independent function and process. These divisions feed each other and support PLC’s compounding business model.




Complex Engineering Elegant Chemistry

Science is the lifeblood of both the Upstream and Downstream Divisions. From the specific and natural composition of the feedstock to the pyrolysis formulas and technology, or to the treatment processes for developing the various Advanced Carbons technologies, dynamic and cutting-edge engineering and chemistry make PLC’s purpose-built carbons a possibility.

Pure Life Upstream

Pure Life Carbon’s Upstream (PLUS) Division is focused on land ownership, reforestation, sustainable forestry management, and raw material manufacturing.

Land Ownership & Use

PLC’s commitment to land management starts with improving the environmental impact of the land selected for use compared to its historical purpose.

Reforestation is a key focus, helping us improve the local and global environment while creating a better home for native animals and plant species.

Bamboo introduction provides a responsible and manageable organic biomass that captures CO2e from the air and can be managed to prevent natural or unnatural forest fires from occurring.

Selective & Sustainable Farming

When bamboo naturally dies, all the CO2e captured during its life span is released back into the atmosphere, along with methane, due to natural degradation.

By selectively and sustainably farming, end-of-life and waste bamboo can be used for raw material production. This process permanently captures CO2e in physical form while preserving the natural function of the forest

Pure Life Downstream

PLC’s Downstream Division consists of manufacturing facilities creating Advanced Carbon Technologies (ACT) and supporting ecosystem products.




The raw carbon material from upstream undergoes a dynamic patent pending manufacturing process to be transformed into Absolute and Charged Carbon products.


QA/QC & Sort

Raw material from upstream is sorted and run through an extensive quality process.


Raw material is transferred to patent-pending treatment system where it undergoes various cleaning, wet treatments, and stabilization processes.



Finished product is dried to required moisture levels and then stored for final inspection and packaging.


Final QA/QC

The final stage in the downstream process is a rigorous final QA/QC before heading to packaging. Each lot and batch is issued a Certificate of Analysis.

Environmental Impact & Carbon Offset

EICO has been developed to realize and bring to market PLC’s carbon removals and offsets generated through operational activities and product lifecycle.
EICO will also advise PLC’s Upstream and Downstream Divisions to maximize the company’s Environmental and Social initiatives and minimize its carbon footprint through its entire value chain.

Decarbonization Pathway

PLC’s highly repeatable and compoundable business model creates significant national and global decarbonization opportunities. By leveraging existing offset pathways and creating new ones, PLC’s nature-based solutions will help to preserve biodiverse ecosystems, eliminate GHG emissions, and bring to market cutting-edge advanced carbons.

Sustainable Forestry

End-of-Life Advanced Carbon Uses

Peat Displacement

Coco Coir & Stone Wool Displacement

Massive Potential

The survivability of PLC’s Advanced Carbons, combined with their ability to displace high GHG emitting legacy products create stackable, nature-based, carbon pathways. When layered upon PLC’s entire value chain, the pathways become repeatable and compounding.

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