Environmental, Social, Governance


  • PLC’s entire value chain has repeatable carbon capture opportunities, making it one of the world’s most robust clean-tech companies
  • PLC’s Upstream Division relies on environmental reforestation, restoration, sustainable forestry management, and afforestation
  • The business processes of PLC provide companies and governments a pathway to net-zero
  • The ‘end-of-line’ for all Advanced Carbon products heal damaged soils and permanently store captured CO2e


  • The global expansion will create thousands of jobs
  • Domestic & International Partnerships
  • Profitability in controlled growing environments will be increased, making it more economical and viable for greenhouse operations
  • Agricultural jobs and training for communities with low social-economic conditions 


  • In addition to the executive team and board of directors, PLC has three independent committees, industry partners, and advisors
  • Global industry partners and advisors in the following areas: agriculture, pedology, carbon capture, environmental sustainability, horticulture, botany, chemistry, mechanical engineering, aquaponics, hydroponics, academia, capital markets, branding & marketing, political & governmental sciences, securities, and business development 

A Robust Carbon Negative & Replacement Alternative

to help Canada & the world meet its GHG targets.

Two Interconnected Problems Worth Solving

GHG Emissions Resulting in Global Warming

Global Food Security

Ecosystem Preservation

Underfunded forest and wildlife ecosystems are continuous targets for natural and human-made forest fires. The old and decaying shrubs, poles, bushes, grasses, leaves, and trees create a highly combustible fuel source if left unmaintained. Poor social-economic conditions and underfunded forest and wildlife management pose an increased risk of poaching through the process of initiating a forest fire to draw out animals. 

Selective and responsible forest management helps to eliminate decaying matter from releasing harmful methane gases back into the atmosphere. It also prevents this matter from turning into a fuel source on the forest floor.