January 20, 2022

Pure Life Carbon Inc. continues to see dynamic progression of our business. To keep with the new and ongoing challenges it is imperative that we continuously strive to strengthen our team.

With that, we are pleased to announce the appointment of two new Director positions at Pure Life Carbon.

Shawn Graham is recognized as bringing a distinctive insider’s viewpoint to the world of business and politics and understands the interdependent relationship between the two. As President and CEO of G&R Holdings Inc., he and his team develop and implement global projects and business alliance strategies, with a special focus on globalizing with China. Shawn is considered an expert on the new global economy and global business development and has been awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from the University of New Brunswick. He was named Visionary of the Year by the Intelligent Community Forum in New York City and served as the 31st Premier of New Brunswick 2006-2010. As Premier, Graham was committed to putting New Brunswick on the road to self-sufficiency by turning the province into a leader in energy conservation and generation, building the best education system in the country, and making job creation a priority.

Bruce Picton has a history of driving growth through his leadership roles in accounting and advisory firms. His client-centric perspective, combined with his team building and leadership skills, have been key to his success. Bruce has extensive public company and non-profit governance experience and has provided trusted advice to successful businesses across a wide spectrum of industries. Corporate governance, strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, financing, and taxation advice, all delivered with a strong relationship focus have been hallmarks of Bruce’s career. Bruce is a graduate of the Directors Education Program (ICD.D) and received his Fellow of Chartered Professional Accountants (FCPA, FCA) designation in 2020.

“We are both honoured and excited to have these two exceptional individuals join our Board”, said Ryan Rand, CEO of Pure Life Carbon. “Our company is full of amazing opportunity. We need to improve and expand our Board’s skillsets at the same pace we are growing our company! The addition of these roles will provide our team with additional knowledge, strategies, and leadership in the global, public, and non-profit governance business sectors. This will allow us to reach new achievements and enhance our organizational performance and capability.”


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