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The agriculture industry must radically improve efficiency around yield, water usage, nutrient loss, pest and disease control, land use for cultivation, and waste products.

Our Solution

Our Absolute Carbon material absorbs and stores runoff pesticides and herbicides reducing nutrient leaching from the current industry standard of 40-60% down to 0-25%. Furthermore, our lab studies have shown that growth in our Absolute Carbon products can increase growth rates by up to 25% while using significantly less water.

Absolute Carbon is a premium carbon material for agriculture applications including indoor farming, aquaponic growing, animal feed supplementation, and wastewater filtration.

Industry Applications


Growing Media

Waste Water Filtration

Animal Supplement

Medical Supplement

Soil Augmentation

Pure Life Carbon

Absolute Carbon

Premium bamboo biochar

Made from sustainable and renewable bamboo forests

Consistent medical grade quality

Low in density and very porous

Working life of 10+ years

Does not need to be sent to the landfill after use

Can be reused, repurposed, and resold

Enhanced Absolute Carbon Products

For Cultivators

Charged Carbon_Grouped_V1

Charged Carbon, Carbon X, Carbon Live

  • Soilless growing media
  • Added beneficial probiotics to aid cultivation quality and yield
  • Highly porous to increase nutrient and water retention for growing cycles
  • pH balanced
  • Added phosphorus to regulate protein synthesis
  • 100% sterile
  • Free of pests and bugs and eliminated root born disease

For Aquaculture, Aquaponics, & Hydroponics

Pure Life Carbon


  • A filtration component that can be added to any recirculating system
  • Absorbs various pollutants including pesticides, herbicides, viruses, and pharmaceuticals
  • Light, easy to handle, has a pH value >8 and is an effective buffer
  • 9,000% increase in surface area vs. standard filtration media
  • Microbes break down solids and prevent clogging

The Difference is in the Pore Network



Meso-Porosity provides high air holding capacity preventing anaerobic zones.

>40 microns



Micro-Porosity provides colonization of microbes.

1 - 40 microns



Nano-Porosity provides high nutrient and water holding capacity. Stores chemicals, pharmaceuticals and metals.

< 1 microns

Our aim is to displace outdated products with new carbon materials that are dramatically more efficient and environmentally responsible. We're committed to helping the environment and improving modern farming outputs.

Our Purpose

Micro-Porosity provides a perfect environment for the production and colonization of beneficial microbes.

The uniquely high carbon content offers a built-in algicide and filters out contaminants including bacteria, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Absolute Carbon is very hard, resulting in a product which won't break down and which improves with use and age.

Our Team

Our team of ag experts, academic researchers, and industry partners have been working together for over 10 years to develop and test our carbon products. Through extensive R&D and pilot programs, we have proven the economic viability of our materials for agriculture applications.

Fred Munn


Ryan Rand

COO | Founder

Christopher Vance

CBDO | Founder

Douglas Peterson

CLO | Founder

Daniel Ronald

CTO | Founder

Jim Hole


Nick Savidov


Pure Life Carbon is part of the Pure Life Global group of companies.

ABSOLUTE CARBON is 100% renewable, sustainable, and a carbon negative product.

Pure Life Carbon

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